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Slovenia is a country with a population of 2 million people and is divided into 212 municipalities. These municipalities vary greatly in size, population density, infrastructure and other characteristics and are the smallest administrative units where local policy takes place.

In 2016, the National Institute of Public Health launched a project called Health in the Municipality, which presents a variety of health indicators at municipal level. The health indicators to be compared were carefully selected by considering data availability and the importance of the issue the indicator measures for actions and policies at municipal level. The Slovene project Health in the Municipality was inspired by similar projects run in England and Norway. We would like to thank the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health for their cooperation in the Slovene project.

The indicators are classified into five subgroups: Population and community, Risk factors, Prevention, Health status and Mortality. The data presented in Health in the Municipality comes from different data sources - from the National Institute of Public Health, Institute of Oncology, Faculty of Sports, Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency, Ministry of Finance, Social Protection Institute of the Republic of Slovenia and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia.

Below is an example of the short publication the project has produced for a specific Slovene municipality, which has been translated into English. The indicators at the beginning and at the end of the publication show how a specific municipality compares to a higher administrative unit, the statistical region and Slovene average. The middle section of the publication contains selected relevant public health issues.

The web application (only in Slovene) also offers short publications for each municipality, thematic maps (in Slovene: Tematske karte) and articles (in Slovene: Izbrane vsebine), data for all administrative levels shown in Microsoft Excel (in Slovene : Podatki Zdravje v občini_2016) and methodological explanations (in Slovene: Metodološka pojasnila). The data and publications will be updated annually.

The Slovene project Health in the Municipality offers relevant information on key health issues that are important for local stakeholders, media and other professional and non-professional groups. By highlighting the relevant health issues within a specific municipality, we are helping to support evidence-based decisions and actions to improve the health of the population.

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